Updesh joined us in 2009 after watching one of our Gymstick Bootcamp classes at the Cowichan Sportsplex. Her kids were getting older and she wanted to do something for her own health and to be a good fitness model for her students and her children.
Updesh attended one bootcamp, then added two more to give herself a well-rounded fitness regime with three strength- or resistance-training workouts (because her instructor told her that three was the magic number 🙂 ) and three walks per week on her own.updesh1
Updesh works many hours a day as a school principal and yet she still makes a solid commitment to herself to fit in two bootcamps and a step class each week.
According to Updesh, her consistency and commitment to her workouts over the last three years has given her many benefits, including:
  • More strength, balance and stamina
  • Reduced body fat and inches
  • New clothes, two sizes smaller than when she started
updesh2Updesh has also noticed and improvement in her endurance. She can keep up with her students at school and—much to her surprise—even throws in a little running! Updesh says her quality of life is more well-rounded with fitness in her life, which has trickled down to the lifestyle of her children. We learn what we live. Great role modelling Updesh!
Updesh would like to clean up her nutrition a little and reduce more body fat. Updesh brings great energy to every workout and I am very proud to say she is a Forever Fit member! : )

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