In this interval training workout you will get your heart pumpn' and burn more body fat by adding steps to the workout. Burn up to 790 calories an hour! Fitness Schedule to help you Maximize Your Cardio Results| Forever Fit, Duncan, B.C

Training with Nancy McNeil at Forever Fit is all about having fun while getting fit.

You don’t have to be an athlete to get, or be, fit.  At Forever Fit, Nancy has a mission is to inspire you to have fun getting fit and her enthusiastic training style will help you reach your fitness goals. Training with Nancy will help you get clear about your goals so she can build you a program that fits in with your lifestyle and optimizes your ability to succeed.

Not everyone wants to run a marathon. Heck, many people don’t want to run at all so let’s build you a program so that you can do the things you want to do and get fit the way that works for you.  Maybe you’d like to:

  • Work your core and glutes while moving to some tunes
  • Step it up at Step Explosion classes
  • Hike a trail with some new friends
  • Or…. stretch and tone with one on one instruction
  • There are lots of options available,  just click on the Fitness tab to see what’s available or contact Nancy to see what might be best for you.

Nancy will help you decide what program will be right for you

Getting fit can be fun. Really! We just have to figure out what we love to do and find a way to get fit doing it and that is the beauty of “personal training”–it’s personal.  If you love to be outside, let’s build your program out there. If the social aspect motivates you, let’s find you a workout partner or a group fitness class. There are so many options.

You don’t need much in the way of equipment. Your fitness program could be done with as little as a wall and your bodyweight.

Certified fitness instructor Nancy McNeil is committed to ongoing education to bring you a fun, safe and effective fitness program. Contact us at Forever Fit, Duncan, BC.

Let’s get started!

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