Cold and flu germs are nasty but many believe using Thieves Oil will help support the immune system. ForeverFit, Duncan BC

I love Thieves Oil because it is a healthier alternative to other more toxic methods of disinfectant. It smells good and it goes a long way.

Thieves Oil is a preferred method for many to help keep germs at bay. It will limit exposure to more harsh additives such as those found in alcohol-based hand sanitizers or spray disinfectants.

What’s in Thieves Oil?

Thieves Oil is a blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary. It’s been around for ages, used for its supporting and protecting properties. During the 15th century, the oils were believed to have prevented thieves from contracting the plague as they stole from the dead.

How do I use Thieve’s Oil?

Thieves Oil can be used many different ways, as pure oil or diluted. Some suggestions for use are:

  • Support your immune system by rubbing it on the soles of your feet, especially if you’ve been exposed to an illness.
  • Purify the air by using Thieves Oil in a diffuser or mix some with water. Put it in a spray bottle and mist the room…or yourself.
  • Use it as a hand sanitizer. Mix with aloe vera gel and water to make your own form of hand disinfectant.
  • To help support your respiratory and immune system, gargle with Thieves Oil mixed with water. It absorbs easily into the mucous membranes this way.
  • To help relieve distress from a cough, rub it on your chest and lower back. Cover with a warm compress for a few minutes.
  • Keep a small bottle of Thieves Oil mixture (1 drop T. O. per teaspoon of another oil such as jojoba) in your purse. Use it when in crowded places, hospitals, the doctor’s office, when near sick people or on an airplane. Lots of germs there!

Does Thieves Oil Really work?

Well, there are lots of believers out there….especially descendants of those 15th century thieves! Herbal medicine has been around forever and traditional medicine is no longer turning a blind eye to its potential. One research study conducted by Weber State University in Utah, US, in 1997, found that 99% of 3 different types of airborne bacteria in a room were killed when Thieves Oil was diffused. It’s only one study so hard evidence is limited but one thing is for sure. It can’t hurt. If you dislike the properties of the heavy duty, alcohol or chlorine based products out there, Thieves Oil offers a healthier option.

Mustn’t forget, however…the most effective method for decreasing your likelihood of catching a cold or the flu is frequent handwashing. It is the combination of friction from the soap and warm water that does the trick. Wash long enough to sing happy birthday twice (inside your head)!