Welcome to 2015!  Have you made your resolutions for the year ahead. I remember the Group Training, indoorpattern I used to have for resolutions.  January 1 I started my “new” diet, After the first couple of weeks, life would be pretty much back to normal. Sound familiar?  If so, let’s make this year different once and for all!

So what is the Best Fitness Program & the Best Diet to transform your body?  January is the time when the media bombards us with “The best way to get in shape” and “the best diet to lose weight”. Of course they all promise immediate and stunning results. We here about weight loss programs like Jenny Craig & Nutrisystem. We here about Cross Fit Training, Aerobic Classes, Bootcamps that rev up your metabolic rate to help you melt away the pounds. I’m not sure how we “melt” body fat  :))

Guess what? They are all right!  They will probably All work! Any Diet will work, any fitness program will work … if you are constant. The question is… how long can you maintain that lifestyle?  Will you take that “magic pill” forever?  What will you do after the “magic pill”?Once you have put all that effort and probably money to take off the weight, how will you maintain it?  If you reduce your caloric intake to lose the weight, then go back to the way you used to eat with more calories, the obvious results will happen, right?

There are 3 key factors to consider in your decision to change your body.

  1. Movement; we need to move for 20+ minutes everyday. Include strength & cardio each week. Find something you love to do and keep doing it. Everyday activities such as gardening and housecleaning count but you need to think of it as your workout so that it is mindful. You can add more but start with what you can maintain.
  2. Following the 80/20 rule; Eating real food 80% of the time … forever, not just until you lose the weight. Include protein, carbs & vegetables of all colours. Reduce sugar Don’t be afraid of good fats.
  3. Be Consistant; Consitancy is Key; start where you are at build on that but keep going. Don’t let your old lifestyle derail you. You can do this!

If you want more details about how to follow these 3 steps register for the Eating Clean for Weight Loss Workshop January 25, 2015, limited space. Holistic Nutrtionist, Andrea Jones and myself will give you lost of details on how to kickstart this new lifestyle for your forever body : )