Fat weighs more than muscle? Definitely not! Actually, a pound is a pound regardless of what you are measuring, they just look different in size/volume. Forever Fit, Duncan, BC

Muscle vs. Fat–Which Weighs More?

 So often, I hear people say, “Muscle weighs more than fat.”  Actually, a pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat.A pound is a pound is a pound. It doesn’t matter what you are measuring in weight. If you measure a pound of fat and a pound of muscle, they each…

Hike n Tone, moderate group. Cowichan River Park, Cowichan Valley, BC,

Hiking Can Change Our Brains!

I came accross this interesting article about how hiking can change our brains!  More and more studies are coming out that suggest or prove how hiking lowers our risk of heart attack, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increases bone density because it is a weight bearing activity.

What is Fascia?

I talk about fascia a lot with my training groups and we spend a lot of time releasing. But, do we really understand the magnitude of it’s affect on our daily movements and workouts. We use somatics, rollers and a variety of balls to release tight fascia : )  This article, Understanding Fascia, by BY MELISSA PUTT does a…