Pumpkin Pie Bars a walnut base, a healthy pumpkin centre, sweetened with dates and delicious maple syrup. Forever Fit, Duncan, BC

Pumpkin Pie Bars with Walnut Base

Pumpkin Pie Bar With Walnut Base is a great way to have your “pie” and eat it too : ) The base is made of mostly walnuts and dates. Walnuts provide a great source of omega 3 fats that help with memory among other brain support. They also give us a great source of protein…

Yummy Thai Lettuce Wraps with Almond Ginger Dressing are simple to prepare but elegant eneough to serve to guests. Light in calories, easy to digest and for a warm summer night.

Thai Lettuce Wraps with Almond Ginger Dressing

These, Thai Lettuce Wraps with Almond Ginger Dressing, are the perfect summer meal. Light, refreshing and easy to prepare, grain free & dairy free and great for lunch or dinner.  Thai lettuce wraps are perfect for entertaining to impress your friends and family and easy to transport for your next pot luck : )

Gluten Free Raspberry Coconut Muffin

Gluten Free Raspberry Coconut Muffins

Gluten Free but full of flavour and taste more like desert.  You are going to love these for a mid morning snack or treat when you are hankering for something sweet in the evening. Keep in mind though, they are a loaded in nutrition with all the food groups, making it a complete meal. These Raspberry Coconut…

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Brownie

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Brownies !!!

I love these gluten free sweet potato brownies. They are so healthy I consider them guilt free. The moist texture of the sweet potato offers loads of fibre as well as vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant powerhouse, and is said to be linked to anti-aging benefits. The vitamin A, C & E encourage healthy, glowing skin and collagen…