This Healthy Sardine Mash is loaded in nutritional value. Protein, calcium, omega 3's, vitamin B12 and D. Combined with a salad or piece of toast, this makes a nutritionally packed, complete meal. Forever Fit. Duncan, BC

Healthy Sardine and Avocado Spread

Sardines have never been on my list of “go to” foods. My sisters and I used to make the “Ugly Face” every time my dad ate them. He also used to eat kippers…still don’t know what they are but they really stink. Sorry, different story : ))) So now at the ripe but not old…

Hike n Tone, moderate group. Cowichan River Park, Cowichan Valley, BC,

Hiking Can Change Our Brains!

I came accross this interesting article about how hiking can change our brains!  More and more studies are coming out that suggest or prove how hiking lowers our risk of heart attack, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increases bone density because it is a weight bearing activity.