Are you up for the challenge?  Sunday February 15 – 21

20140718-190646-68806237Have you been thinking about your health? nutrition? sugar intake? Have you been trying to clean up your diet since Christmas? Then I’d like to invite you to try this 7 day challenge : )

This is a challenge, not your forever lifestyle.  All you are committing to yourself is, NO SUGAR, for 7 days. The goal in not for weight loss, although that may be a by product of the challenge, it is simply to push us into thinking about how much, how often we have sugars in our daily nutritional intake, to create an awareness so we can make better decisions. Knowledge is power.

I would love to hear how you are doing throughout this experience. What is working? What is your greatest challenge?  How can we support each other? You can do this on my Forever Fit Facebook Page or you can email me. Maybe you would like to get your office involved or your extended family.

There are 2 ways to join us;

  1. Do it on your own.
  2. Active Forever Fit members can sign up in the studio and check off their progress.

The details.

  • 7 Days
  • No Sugars what so ever : )
  • This includes honey, agave and maple syrup : /
  • Track your success
  • 3 Prizes; Shaker Cup, T Shirt, A Lulu Lemon Water Bottle, 3 ISO Pro protein bars & 1 free class.  All successful participants will put their names in a draw for 1 of 5 prizes. You are on the honour system : )
  • Challenge starts Sunday February 15 – 21

You can do this!  We can do it together!