The Self Care Christmas Challenge is all about you. Just a few minutes to fill your cup.

I challenge you to do one thing for yourself every day for the rest of December.  The holidays can be busy and stressful. We need to find ways to restore. How do you want to feel at the other end of December?  Trashed or Treasured : )

If you can’t fit in an hour, take what you can… even 2 minutes.
Here is a list of ideas but feel free to add your own.
  1. Take a nap. You don’t even have to sleep; just close your eyes, breathe and notice what is happening in your body. Start at your toes and make your way up to the top of your head.
  2. Take a walk.  An hour would be great but take a 10 min walk to the mail box if that’s all you have time for that day.
  3. Drink a litre of lemon water, warm or cold. Herbal tea, shakes and other liquids count too. Dehydration lends itself to headaches, lethargy, frustration, diminished mental clarity, irritability.
  4. Watch a funny movie. Laughing releases the feel good hormone 🙂
  5. Watch a movie that makes you cry.  Toxins are released when we cry.
  6. Talk to a good friend.  Lunch would be good but a quick chat is better than nothing.
  7. Thank yourself … ideally, in the mirror.
  8. Congratulate yourself … ideally, in the mirror.
  9. Lift some weights.  Body weight squats, lunges, calf raises. No equipment needed. 3 sets of each… 15 min : )
  10. MELT
  11. Release. Choose 3 or more somatic movements to restore muscle tone. Muscle tone responds to stressful situations by contracting. Somatics helps to restore the muscles to a soft, effortless state.
  12. Dr. Weil’s breathing technique. Here is the link to his description 4, 7, 8