Inspired by the Earl's menu, this healthy salad recipe is easy and delicious Loaded with vegetables, a splash of black beans and corn then topped with a sweet and tangy peanut lime vinaigrette. Forever Fit, Duncan, BC.

I recently discovered that the Santa Fe Salad is not on my website! Can’t believe it.  I copied this salad from the Santa Fe Salad at Earls, years ago. When I asked the host what was in the dressing on top of this delicious meal, he said, "Let me get the saucier" : ) Alrighty then : ))) The saucier came out and rattled off all the ingredients and I went home to make it. This didn't stop me from ordering it again though. The dressing is a Peanut Lime vinaigrette. It has cilantro in it but for you folks who have an aversion to cilantro... I feel sorry for you, I love cilantro ; ) However, just swap it out with parsley.

This salad is loaded with flavours that compliment each other beautifully. The romaine lettuce makes it nice and crunchy while the spinach adds a punch of nutrition. Black beans & corn add some substance to make this a full meal. The pecans and dates create this sweet and savoury flavour that makes it hard to put down your fork. I use feta cheese but you could swap this out for goat cheese if you prefer. Or go dairy free and leave it out completely. There is enough protein in this beautiful bounty of nutritious and low carb dish to call it a meal but you could also add your own selection of protein. There are so many ways to make this your own way. Enjoy 🙂