rondy1Rondy came to see me last August. Her goals were to reduce her body fat, start running, be active everyday, and fit into a special dress.

Rondy is a busy mom of four with a career as a locum doctor. Even on the road, Rondy has done a brilliant job following the Eating Clean principles and implementing her fitness program into her life. Her journey represents the epitome of fitness as a lifestyle.

With small but consistent changes in her nutrition and fitness routine, Rondy is well on her way to achieving her goals.

Because Rondy travels, I designed a program using a band, a ball, and her own body weight to increase her muscle mass and metabolic rate. The results of Rondy’s small but consistent lifestyle changes include a loss of 13lbs of body fat, 3% increase in hydration, and at the last measure she had lost more that 10″ off her body!

Her strength and stamina have also improved. At our last session, she was able to do 11 great push ups, double what she could do in August. She does intervals of running and hiking on a regular weekly basis.Being consistent with our fitness means that sometimes we have to improvise and find different ways to follow through with our activities.

rondy2Because Rondy is determined to attain her goals she makes good use of her environment: stairs, counters, gyms when they are available, and hotel rooms. When Rondy is on the road, her nutrition can be a challenge but with a little planning she figures it out.

Rondy and I meet about once a month to adapt her fitness program, brainstorm strategies for any challenges she may be having, and, of course, assess her progress. Rondy finds what works for her is the flexibility of our training sessions to accommodate her busy and sometimes erratic schedule.

She is mostly motivated by the results she sees in the mirror. Apparently, her husband is too.

He says every time she comes home from a locum, he thinks he has a new wife. : )))

Rondy’s tip: balance your nutrition with your activity. If you have a day where you are less active, chose foods that will have a smaller impact on your body.

She also says, “Don’t worry about a small slides backward, just get back on track and your body will quickly take care of the rest.”

Well done, Rondy!

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