I promise this is not photoshopped or staged.

Roger really stood like this when I met him. I used to see him walking down the street at an angle. Looking at the string attached to the plumb, you can see how far off centre his body was leaning.

Roger came to me looking for balance, stability, and flexibility. Looking at the before picture, it is not hard to see that balance would definitely be an issue. Roger is a busy man running Brierwood Bed and Breakfast on his own, working in his garden and singing in a local choir group.

For the past 2 years, every Tuesday, he has made the trek across the street to my studio for his fitness class—sometimes under coercion! : ))) The seniors’ class lets Roger perform release techniques to soften tight muscle that throw off his balance, stretch and lengthen the short, tight muscles, then strengthen the muscles that help him do the activities in his daily life that give him pleasure. Roger now has a greater range of motion, better posture, and better balance.

Although Roger was aware of benefits from his efforts, he was just as surprised as you to see the changes in these pictures. His posture has changed considerably. Sometimes the changes are so subtle that we miss them.

When we have good muscle tone and they are balanced front to back, side to side and we have good posture, we have a better range of motion, more strength, stamina, agility, and as Roger says, “I have more confidence.” Don’t underestimate the effects of your fitness program. It’s not just about weight loss, tight abs and big guns! : )

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