To build a better body, weigh less, have better health, you need to be eating better foods and moving more. If you want to change your body, weight or health, you need to “change” something. Here are some ways to stay the same or change…you decide:)

  1. Eat late at night.

  2. Consume junk food anytime of the day, especially at night

  3. Eat foods that have sugar added to them, especially packaged food.

  4. Buy More packaged food but, don’t read the labels.  When you know what the ingredients are, you might not buy/eat it. Knowledge is power.

  5. Eat mostly high starch carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta, rice, bread. This is where most of the big carbs are, they spike our blood sugars and facilitate more fat storage.

  6. Reduce the # of low carbohydrate foods like celery, cabbage, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, greens. Lower carb = less fat storage.

  7. Don’t eat foods that have protein with carbohydrates. Combining protein with carbs helps to balance the blood sugars, lowering the opportunity for fat storage.

  8. Eat foods low in fibre. Fibre also helps to lower the glycemic index and helps with digestion. Good digestion helps with weight loss.

  9. Eat large portions in a sitting. Typically, 1 serving will fit in your cupped hand. Veggies get two… or 1/2 the plate.

  10. Let yourself get dehydrated. Just drink coffee. A body that is well hydrated feels better, moves more & burns more.

  11. Stay up late, don’t get much sleep, that’s when the body repairs and relaxes. When the body is under stress, cortisone increases and inhibits weight loss.

  12. Don’t limit the # of times per day that you eat. 4-5 meals per day is most recommended depending on what your activity level is that day.

  13. Be sedentary. Movement helps to burn the calories you ate. More movement helps to burn the stored fat.

  14. Don’t eat any fats at all. A little bit of fat in each meal helps keep us satiated so we don’t get hungry again too soon.

  15. Don’t worry about what kind of fat you eat.  Good fats have omega 3, 6 &/or 9 in them. They help to increase our metabolism.

More Food, Less Crap = Better Body, Better Health. Forever Fit, Duncan, BC