House plants may have sleep benefits. Forever Fit, Duncan, BC 

Ivy, jasmine, aloe vera, lavender and snake plant are all plants that you many want to keep in your bedroom to help you sleep. Forever Fit, Duncan, BC.

House plants…Who knew there were house plants that could actually help us sleep!

So many of my members have difficulty falling asleep. Some have difficulty having a restful sleep and others only sleep for short periods. I think sleep is a weird concept. Think about it, we change our clothes, get into a bed, cover ourselves up and stay there for 4-8 hours. Like a mini hibernation. Then we get out of that bed and try to wake up.  As weird as it is to me, all the literature says we need it to function. Have you ever gone for a long period without sleep? It’s not pretty : /

As I mentioned in my blog/article on Sleep, Health and Weight Management, sleep is important.  Sleep is when our bodies repair. It’s what allows us to be alert and efficient in the daytime. It has strong impact on our weight management, mental clarity, hydration levels…

And…sleep is not something I do very well. Even right now, it is 10:45 pm and I’m working on my laptop to share ideas with you about how to get more sleep … I sleep well once I get there but, getting there, not as easy:)

Here is a link to a video with plants that can help us sleep.  Maybe I could put one near my computer to make me sleepy and go to bed :)))

Plants That Help Us Sleep

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