Theres’s a new organ in town. Fascia has been a hot topic for a while. However, scientists are now discovering how critical it is in maintaining health. Fascia was considered to be insignificant, passive packing material. Sue Hitzman, creator of the MELT Method, has been promoting the importance of the fascia and it’s role in health for many years now.

Fascia is a matrix of thin tissue wrapped around every muscle and organ in the body. Recently, it has been listed by Harvard University as yet another organ in our body. This is big news and could change the way our Drs. and therapists approach our treatments. The best thing about this is that by using the MELT Method techniques, we can help to improve our own health. The MELT Method is based on the recognition that fascia is the most abundant system in the body. As a result, it is often why we look and feel the way we do.  Releasing “stuck stress”, or dehydrated connective tissue, is what MELT is all about.

Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT, explains what scientific researchers are calling the “Interstitium” and what that discovery means for us and our bodies. Open these two links to read the article from the Melt Method blog. A New Organ, You Say?   Let’s Talk about Fascia