Hello Fitness Friends!  

Happy Thanksgiving : )

I’ve come up with 3 new fitness opportunities, you asked … I listened : )

1. HIIT Moves
2. Cardio Core Ball Blast
3. Group Personal Training

All of these would be offered in the Forever Fit Studio. If you are interested in either or have your own request, contact me… I’m listening : )

HIIT Moves; This would be an indoor class on Wednesday evenings at 5pm. This class would be a high energy class with a focus on cardio, core and functional movements to build your strength, & endurance.


Cardio Core Ball Blast;  Also on Wednesday evenings at 5 or 6pm, this class would focus on  low impact cardio and core movements to help build your endurance, get the blood flowing and burn a lot of calories while sculpting your curvy bits : )))

GroupPersonal TrainingWednesday mornings, 10:30am. &/or 6:30pm. This is a small group of like minded people sharing the knowledge, support and cost of your personal trainer. Please contact me if either of these opportunities interest you.There is more information on all classes on my Forever Fit  website. Group sizes are limited.

Offering one or more of these options will depend on interest and sign up.

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So give me a shout!