Here's what Forever Fit members are saying about their experience at Forever Fit neighbourhood fitness studio with Nancy McNeil in Duncan, BC

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I took the "Release and Restore" class for the first time last week. I can highly recommend it!!! Felt like I'd just had a 1 hour massage...

I recently suffered a left shoulder injury and was unable to take my usual Boot Camp class at Forever Fit.  Upon consultation with Nancy, we decided that the Restoration class would be the most beneficial class for me to take.  I was blown away with the results.  The first thing Nancy had us do in this class was to have us check in.  This is a body awareness movement, whereby you lay down on your back and just notice where all your pressure points are, just to notice if there are areas of tightness and uneveness.  I could hardly feel the left hand side of my body touching the mat, all my weight was over to the right hand side. After just a few releases we checked in again, and already I could notice my left side had let go of the tension and was touching the mat, the space in my lower back was closer to the mat, and my body felt longer and softer.  By the end of the class my whole left side was evenly distributed and I had no pain in my shoulder whatsoever, it truly felt like I'd just had a massage.  Thankfully my injury is not chronic, but I do know that if I had chronic pain I would be choosing this class as my number 1 go to....  Thanks Nancy  You make it so easy and yet you get such astonishing results.

Valerie Anderson Duncan, BC

I came to the Release and Restore class with a sore right hand and swelling in my fingers and joints. My hand, when relaxed wouldn't lay open, but was curled almost in a fist, like a claw. I also could not get my ring off ! After MELTing our hands and face we started our core exercises and when I went to "check in" my ring on my right hand was gone. When I found it and went to put it back on my finger I noticed that it was now lose on my finger. When I checked in again, my hand was now almost flat on the floor. Right hand no longer sore and swollen . Today hands and joints feel good and hands even look nicer!"

Valerie Duncan Duncan, BC

I have been working with Nancy for three years, and she is the single most important reason I am functioning as well as I am with rheumatoid arthritis. She is unbelievably skilled and knowledgeable - my physical limitations can change from session to session and she has never failed to find a way to work around them. Thanks to her I not only function in my day-to-day life much better, I have so much more confidence in my body and my ability to stay healthy and well. Her positivity, her humour, her kindness and her ability to connect and communicate make every session productive and fun. If you have physical challenges or limitations, or can’t see how it might be possible for you to get fitter and stronger, you can place your trust in Nancy - she is a treasure!


I try to live a healthy lifestyle and am hopeful that it shows at home and at work. I definitely look and feel a whole lot better than I did before I started with Nancy and Forever Fit! I’ve also accomplished things I never imagined doing before.... 6km through the mud and conquering obstacles!! I know I am stronger physically, mentally and definitely more self confident! Thanks Nancy. Looking forward to many more years!

Donna McPhee

I've been working with Nancy for almost a year now. I started out with a personalized program to assess my individual needs. She put together a program to build up my strength, stability, balance and posture. It was fun working with her from the beginning and I was able to complete the workout at her studio and follow up at home. I have now joined a Strength and Stability class and really enjoy working out with a small group of women on the same issues. Nancy knows her stuff and I have improved in all of the areas I set out to. Thanks, Nancy! I highly recommend her for one on one and/or group instruction.

Jane Amstutz

The Eating Clean workshop has kick started my healthy eating habits and is making me more aware of what I am eating.  For the most part I did eat clean, but my portions were off and I was not tracking.  I also realized I was closer to 70% carbs, 20% protein and 10% fat. I appreciated all the handouts that had lists of proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats. The lunch was nice as well. Thank you for the work shop.  I think it was just what I needed to get on track.

Janice Kang

Nancy, it used to take me 29 minutes to get to my car, today took me 20.5 minutes. Each time I have you walking with me keep me reminded of what my brain should be focused on. This time I heard, Chest proud, Pee muscle, Use your big muscles ( told them to do the work ) Bum back slightly. We did a good job... I even had time to stretch the hams, quads and calves.

Annie Leneord

Nancy is very positive and encouraging, very informative about nutrition, very knowledgeable about the muscle groups, metabolism, programs etc, very professional and detailed with regard to workouts (except for the occasional outburst of laughter) a wonderful example  of living a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Hi, Nancy, I like the two areas of the cardio and resistance training and how you ensure proper technique and form and correct us individually when needed. I feel that Gymstick has improved my posture and my core strength. I love the good stretch at the end of class. Bootcamp is great, you can start at any level and set your own goals. Its a good variety of cardio and strength resistance, the movements are uncomplicated and easy to follow, working all muscle groups. BE PREPARED TO SWEAT! I have found that participating regularly I can see and feel results and feel good about my physical well being. Thank-you, Nancy.

Linda Lambert

I love Nancy's Bootcamp classes because they're so fun the work out doesn't seem as hard as it is- with her enthusiasm it's easy to see that she obviously loves what she's doing. I like the way she is always passing on bits of information to help with nutrition and hydration as well! She really puts her heart into her work.


I have been working with Nancy McNeil for almost three years now and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trainer.  She is inspiring, motivating and full of different ideas and techniques that will keep you coming back.  She pushes me to limit, knowing that my limit is far beyond what I would do on my own.  I have been lucky to have her in my life, without her I would still be a coach potato.  Nancy not only assists me with my physical activity and my eating habits, but she also helps me work through my reasons for not getting to the gym.  Her guidance throughout the past three years is not the only reason I keep going back to her.  One main reason is she has become a friend that I can count on to tell me the truth – the truth being when I’m being lazy or when something is not working, whether it be routine, diet or other lifestyle choices (i.e. my love of martini’s).   I have worked with other trainers in the past who are there only for money – those who don’t care what happens after you leave the gym – Nancy isn’t like that.  She has been there for everything in my life for the past three years – whether it is good, bad or ugly – she is there.  She is my constant motivator, one of my biggest supporters and thankfully a friend who only wants what’s best for me and the rest of her clients.  Work hard and eat clean!  Finally, she works me every time until I sweat (which I hate) and cheers me on the entire time – I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Love you Nancy!  You are the best!


I have nothing but fun in the classes... I do bootcamp and will get back to gymstick in the Fall.. Nancy gives great instruction, keeps us all motivated and keeps us laughing too. Am having a blast.. am also  meeting some great new folks in the classes too. You won't regret it.


I want to let you know how much I appreciate your classes. I became acutely aware of how much I get out of your classes.  How you teach that really makes the difference.  You teach from your heart.  It is as if you love what you are doing and take delight in having the chance to share it with the class.  And…they are great classes!  Thank you so much.


"Nancy has made workout's fun, she gets you moving at your own comfortable pace and can get you to work a little bit harder when she knows you can do more.  I felt at ease with her since my 1st workout, when you have a goal she works with you as if its her goal too.  It's ultimately up to the individual to do the work, but if you're willing to listen and put in the effort, everything she tells you from the exercises, techniques & nutrition, will help you to succeed.  If you're looking for a change with positive reinforcement I would highly recommend Nancy McNeil."


I have been kiteboarding for a couple years now and have been one of the biggest guy on the beach. every time i went out to kite i was surrounded by little in shape guys and i struggled with a lot of the equipment due to my size. I kited a lot but my eating was atrocious. The middle of December, my wife made an amazing dinner. I looked down at my 3rd helping and continued to look down at my stomach and realized that I had become the biggest I had been in my life. My childhood was spent mountain biking, playing hockey, playing about any sport that i could get my hands on. 12 hr endurance mtn bike races and big hockey tournaments where my pleasure, now a thing of the past. I now weighed 275.4 lbs. I was lethargic and slow, I had pain in my knees and body. At that meal I decide it was time to change it up, go back to being a athlete. I had accomplished a lot in my new sport of kite boarding but was becoming limited by my weight. I met Nancy for my evaluation. and I think she was a little shocked by my food intake. At the time I was eating breakfast at Tim Hortons, lunch at White Spot and finishing with dinner at Wendys(secretly) even though my wife had made an amazing dinner at home. Every thing had extra mayonnaise and pop and ice cream. My night time snack was even worse, a bag (big) of m & ms and a can of coke and chips. Nancy showed me the affects of what i was doing and started by going over how to eat a healthy balanced diet and to get my body stretched out. I thought that this was going to be the hardest part of the deal I mean I had kite boarded 90 times last year so how hard could it be to go work out, but take away my food and treats that I had grown accustomed to eating since I moved out on my own 14 years ago, that was going to be hard. Well I would like to say I made it past that first hurdle. she laid out and diet that allowed me not to feel hungry. to have energy and got me to drink the proper amount of water. THE WATER IS HUGE. 3 times a week I meet with Nancy full time since jan 6, in that time she has slowly increased my workout at a pace that doesn’t over exceed my abilities. I find this to be one of her best traits, just push on a set scale of increase would have probably discouraged me and I would have quit. I have a bad knee and elbow but she works around those pains and has almost made them disappear with out any pain at any point of the journey. At just half way to the goal of 200 lbs. by July 1, I feel amazing. I look forward to my sessions, every day my energy increases, I can run further, jump higher, move faster and go longer. I see the results of my efforts every day. My knee is almost completely free of pain. I am mountain biking again and can’t wait to see how high I can jump while kiteboarding. I push harder every day, constantly adjusting with her, making slight changes and working with my diet. Since December 16, I have been free of fast food, pop and candy. My portions are right on and my water is where is should be. Oh what a difference the water make. Now the race is on. I want to be back to that athletic point I was at 18 yrs old. I'll get there sooner than our July 1 target and every day it gets more exciting to see that scale and more exciting to dance during my work out.

Brendan Hessels

Nancy McNeil, my personal trainer is a dynamo!  She is a friend who offers total support without judgement.  She helps me focus on attaining my goals by offering support though, fitness planning and assessment, dietary suggestions and menu analysis and she has taught me to be aware of what derails my efforts from giving me the best results.  She’s the coach who gets me back in the game, while at the same time supports and challenges my progress to becoming a stronger healthier me.  Nancy is a trainer I would recommend to anyone looking to confront their fitness goals.
PS. ya killed me! Hahaha  See ya Saturday.


First of all Nancy's qualifications are of personal experience and excellence in Certifications. Nancy is a wealth of knowledge and that makes me 100% comfortable in her fitness program. Nancy carefully plans around previous injuries to ensure a safe workout program. Nancy's title is "FIT FOR LIFE" with her compassion, experience, qualifications oh and her sense of humour you can open your heart to what ever she has planned for your goal. The Goal is her title to stay "FIT FOR LIFE" In a nut shell Nancy is my "BOB" America's Best Trainer from Biggest Loser.


I was a reluctant exerciser and had never worked with a personal trainer before. Nancy reassured me that we would work at my pace to meet my own goals. Nancy adapts my program to address old injuries and makes sure I do not re-injure myself. She encourages and supports me as I relearn how to use my personal strength and energy to become stronger, healthier and lose weight. Nancy never makes me feel like I am not succeeding at my goals but at the same time she gently but firmly pushes me to go farther and push myself harder. I now attend Nancy's Bootcamp classes each week in addition to training with Nancy! Nancy is well qualified to teach individuals and groups and is role model for life long fitness.

J Yearley RN