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Look at these two cuties! I love training this mother daughter team. Kelli & Lexi are great at getting each other to their training sessions and pushing each other at home. There is never a dull moment when these two come into the room, they keep me laughing.  Lexi keeps us on track by counting and showing her mom what to do : )  

Kelly struggles with Multiple Sclerosis and loses her vision when her body gets over heated. She wanted some strength in her life to help support her challenges with M.S.  My job is to keep her program at a level that challenges her, but doesn’t let her get over heated.   “I love working with Nancy, she keeps the pace and keeps me cool.” The stronger Kelli is, the less likely she will experience these symptoms. We just up the anti a little at a time. Kelly’s fitness level has improved a lot over the past months. She’s always surprised when she realizes she is sweating : ))) Kelly also loves the gift of the time that she gets to spend excercising with her teenage daughter. 

Lexi is a very focused 15 year old who took the lead by contacting me to train her and her mom together. She felt she needed some extra physical activity in her life and appreciates how quickly the time goes by as she is always laughing at her mom and Nancy’s antics. She is well on her way to getting “sculpted”.