Val is proof that the 3 key factors to … to change your bodywork.  When Val first joined Forever Fit, she was a little shy, unsure about her fitness abilities and and potential to Val 2Val 1
create the body she wanted. Val has spent almost a year embracing the Eating Clean principles & moving her body
everyday. She has made small incremental but consistent changes over the last 11 months and 
her body composition certainly shows it : )  So does her energy and confidence, not to mention her fitness level.  I especially enjoy hearing Val share her experiences with new members at the beginning stages of their journey.Val’s thoughts… “When I joined up for classes at Nancy’s last February,  I was totally fed up with myself. I was tired, I was overweight, and not very happy with life.  Walking into the studio for my first class was one of the hardest things I have ever done; I was so out of my comfort zone! Well, eleven months later, I’m fitter than I have ever been, I am alot leaner after learning how to eat clean,  and I am having fun! The unexpected bonus has been getting to know all the amazing women at different stages of their fitness journeys, and being inspired by them. Being active everyday is my new lifestyle and one I plan to be embracing many years from now.”

Starting with one class/week, Val now attends 4 classes with me and supplements with a few walks and hikes with friends and family.  Way to go Val, I also, am looking forward to having you around for a very long time : )