Meet Tim : ) Tim has a dream … but first he has some challenges to overcome.

Recently retired, his dream is to ride his 1998 Honda Valkryie Interstate moterbike.  The reason this is such a big challenge for Tim is that in his 20’s he was in a very serious accident. Since then he has had more than 25 surgeries to his body. The injuries from this accident as well as many years as a football player has left him with many restrictions in his neck, shoulder, leg. These issues affect his range of motion, strength and balance. In addition, Tim has diabetes : / So … all of these issues make it difficult for Tim to realize his dream … riding his 1998 Honda Valkryie Interstate moterbike : )

Over the last 8 weeks Tim and I have been getting him ready to ride this bike. We started with some releases to help recover his muscle tension, adding some core exercises to get his balance back and then strengthening his muscles to be able to hold and ride this bike. Tim has also spent some time with my favourite Chiropractor, Chad Arsenault : ) Chad has been helping Tim increase his range of motion and correct his posture. Riding a motorbike requires enough strenght to hold the bike up and a good strong core in order to balance on the bike and be able to maneuver many variations in the ground surface and curves in the road.  Tim makes time most days to follow the program I created for him to retrain his body to become stronger, more stable and more flexible.

The above picture on the left is where Tim started. You can see Tims posture is not great and his body is very rigid. On the right, you can see Tim on the bosu. This is something Tim could never have done at the beginning. He needs to be able to recover from an unstable situation in order to ride his beloved bike : ) Now, for his Diabetes. With a few tweaks to his nutrition, Tims blood sugar numbers are back in the normal range and he has had to consistantly reduce the amount of insulin he requires. Way to go Tim! I am really looking forward to seeing Tim ride up to the studio on his dream bike.  I’ll keep you posted : )