In March, Tanya completed the trek to Maccu Picchu. A grueling hike reaching a 13,800ft altitude.  Don’t let that cute smile and tiny little frame fool you. This girl is a fire ball. She is adventurous and not afraid of a challenge 🙂 Tanya originally started strength training to improve her favorite activities of surfing and paddle boarding. In February Tanya came to me and shrieked “I just signed up to climb Machu Picchu”!
“Viiting Machu Picchu has been at top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember …but always with the vision of ‘an introspective journey’ along the ancient path. It was in this vein I booked my trip as soon as the opportunity arose. Within days my ticket and tour were booked. The following days IMG_2655spilled with anticipation and excitement, however as I began the process of planning I began to research what this 4 day, 3 night hike through the Andes really entailed. With every blog I read, the reality grew stronger that my introspective journey may be more of a grueling trek to which I may not have been prepared for. I started to doubt my own abilities. In the face of this awareness I quickly called Nancy and booked a private session.” Ya, then the panic set in, Tanya tried to cancel her trip … to no avail : )  I convinced her that she had a good base line fitness level and now we would focus on this specific adventure. “Together we identified what aspects of the trail might be the most challenging for me given where my fitness level was at the time. Nancy promptly put together a fitness plan that I committed to for the weeks leading up to the hike. With each week that passed my dread turned to hopefulness.”  She worked her butt off!  100% every workout : )

“The trek itself was challenging but doable and even enjoyable, and yes even introspective. The most difficult part of the trek was day two in which we climbed ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’, the highest and most difficult point of the trail at 13,800ft high. It was hours of steep incline compounded by shortness of breath given the high altitude. Reaching the top of the summit was the one of the most strenuous and undoubtedly the most rewarding challenges I had ever met. Had I not prepared however this challenge may have been met differently. I will be eternally grateful to Nancy for helping me achieve this goal.”

When Tanya completed this trek she sent me a text that said,  “Made it! And for anyone that says it’s easy is likely taking a 7 day hike or the train! hardest thing I ever did but my body was ready for the challenge! Did my releases engaged my pee muscle and was second to the highest peak ! Thanks to u!!!!  I knew she’d be great!

“Who knows what the next challenge may be but I do know after completing this one, anything is possible with the right mindset and preparation. Thanks Nancy!  True dat Tanya!