November 2014 - February 2015
November 2014 – February 2015

Sarah is a busy Youth Counsellor at Community Services in Lake Cowichan.  Sarah was feeling low in energy, having difficulty sleeping and feeling unhappy with her body composition so she decided to make time for her health and fitness. In October Sarah came to me with her desire to slim down, feel fit, get strong and toned.

I’ve known Sarah since she was in elementary school. She has always been a smart sensible person and still is. After graduation, Sarah went off to college, then into the work force. Being a student and starting out in the workforce on a limited budget can mean poor nutritional habits with very little time to exercise. The results can mean unwanted body fat and poor fitness level. But now Sarah is ready to put her focus on herself.

Although Sarah finds it challenging to stay on track on stressful days, she has really embraced all of the principles for eating clean and being active. She loves trying new recipes that support her weight loss goals and seeing the results of her efforts. Support from her family, friends and peers and believing that she can do it, keep her on track toward her long term goal to be “Toned, Fit & Healthy.”

Sarah stays motivated by doing fitness classes that she enjoys. At the moment she is enjoying her Personal Training Group, Bootcamp and Spin Class. She is making small but consistent progress toward her goals. In the past 3 months Sarah has shed 12 lbs total body weight! 9% body fat! and 14 inches!  More importantly, Sarah has more energy & better sleep.  She says she is feeling happier, healthier and more refreshed in the morning. She is also very excited about her muscle definition!

Sarah plans to continue with her lifestyle and push herself to new fitness levels. In fact, we’ll be seeing more of Sarah real soon. I am excited to announce that, last week Sarah started the process to become a Group Fitness Instructor!  She will be a great instructor and we can all look forward to having her lead us in some amazing classes in the studio : )
I asked Sarah what she would say to someone who is also not happy with their fitness level, body composition or health.  Here’s what she said, “Taking the first step is always the hardest but it is so worth it! Change can be scary, but so can lack of change especially when it comes to your health and wellness! Find what works for you (ex: walking, biking, bootcamp, classes, individual training, GPT) Don’t be afraid to create the lifestyle you truly want for yourself 🙂
She is a smart cookie : ) Thank you Sarah for sharing your experience with us. You look amazing and a lot less stressed. Congratulations on your results!
Smiles, Nancy : )