Just like the rest of us, Gayle has been involved in fitness off and on for many years. The difference for Gayle this time is that she can now see why Eating Clean and being physically active needs to be an ongoing part of her life and she has made that commitment to herself.

Last May, Gayle joined one of my Personal Training Groups and has been consistently training and Eating Clean since. Even while camping for most of the summer she applied her eating clean 80/20 principles and made fitness a regular part of her days. Since May Gayle has reduced her body fat by… and her inches by …

Gayle loves to camp and even while she was camping this summer she was able to eat clean and be active. She says planning her nutrition and fitness is key success but most of all, never leaving the trailer without her soft sided cooler, with travel food, even for a short trip : ) Although she admits to not being perfect, she made sure that she always had healthy alternatives on hand.

Gayle says, “I love my classes and wonderful people I have met there”. She rarely misses a class…except when she is camping : ) Every Wednesday at the end of our Pilates Fitness class she says ” Ahh, I always feel better after this class” : )))  She has learned how to challenge her fitness level, injury free, that it is possible to workout and not “land in the physio office” ; )

Gayle plans continue her fitness and eating clean lifestyle “to become stronger day by day and continue to eat healthy.”

“The days of being on a “diet” are behind me eating clean is my life style.We have spent over 40 nights in our trailer and the scale is still my friend LOL”