This is Ella, she is 2 months old in this picture. Susan is her Grandma and one of our Forever Fit members. At one of our training sessions Susan was explaining that she would be driving her grandson home to Fernie, while her daughter Yvonne would be flying home with Ella because Ella did not like being on her back in a car seat. Of course, I said, “why does she not like being on her back?” 🙂 Susan did not know but she said Ella just cries. Ella had endured a difficult C section birth where they had to use a device to suction her out. I imagine that it was very traumatic and Ella’s little body was clenched tight. Of course I said, ” you need to Melt that baby” : ) A few days later… read more, Susan sent me the picture above of Ella laying on her back in the yellow dress… no fussing, no crying : ) Susan had melted Ellas feet using her hands. However, notice Ellas clenched little fists. A few days later, Susan sent me the bottom 2 pictures of Ella. This time Susan melted Ella’s hands with her hands. Now look at Ellas hands all relaxed : ) What’s really cool about this is that, as a baby, Ella had not expectations or intentions to change, it was all passive and she just allowed her body to let go. How cool is that!  Ella happy to lay on her back now and likely avoided a lifetime of tension that she may never figured out. All thanks to the Melt Method … and Grandma Susan : ) I love Melt. This Sh… really works.