I am so blessed to have so many great members that trust me with their fitness programming. And it is so exciting to watch the their fitness level improve, their confidence increase and their fitness programs expand and increase in intensity.  Big workouts  once in a while are not sustainable. A lifestyle of health and wellness is the product of consistency.  These two Donnas have definitely mastered that.

Donna MacPhee                       

Donna MacPhee is a lifer : )))  Donna has been a Forever Fit member since 2009.  She started with Gymstick Bootcamp when I was at the Aquatic Center and she’s been addicted ever since. Hiking & Stepping and Gymstick … Oh my! She shows up with a smile every class and even though I push her a little she keeps coming back for more : ) “I look forward to my classes each week. I’ve met many new friends over the years and enjoy the comradery we share. They’re my “Fitness Family”. I’ve also accomplished things I never imagined doing before…. 6km through the mud and obstacles!! I know I am stronger physically, mentally and definitely more self confident! Thanks Nancy.” Looking forward to many more years!

Donna Craik

Donna Craik is also a lifer : ) When we met at the gym in 2008 her bone density was below normal so she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Donna is very dedicated to her health and fitness so she pays close attention to her nutrition and resistance training. She’ll tell you that she is not very consistent but between the home fitness programs I create for her, the Strength and Stability class that she attends and her active lifestyle, I think she is doing great! Donna spends a lot of time walking/hiking on her geocaching expeditions, gardening and various activities with her grandchildren. Over the years, her strength, flexibility and coordination have really improved but most importantly her bone density is very close to normal and is now classified as osteopenia. Yeah Donna!