Quinoa Salad ingredients include cucumbers tomatoes and fetaThis Mediterranean Quinoa Salad is our favorite summer salad

I love this Quinoa Salad because it is easy to put together, I can adapt it to accomodate whatever I have on hand and its always delicious to eat. I also like that Brad makes the quinoa, I don’t have a good history for cooking things that require timing : /  This is a great salad for serving large groups becauseyou can reduce the cost by adding more quinoa.  You can also make it a whole meal when you add your favorite protein, salmon, chicken.  Ooooor you can leave it as it to accomodate the vegetarians in your life : )  Let me know what you think of this Meditrranean Quinoa Salad recipe and what you’d like to see next : )


 Cucumber                                     2 Cups

Tomato                                           2 Cups

Red, Green &/or Yellow Pepper      2 Cups

Red Onion                                      1 Cup

Feta                                                ¼ Cup

Olives                                              16

Quinoa                                            1 1/3 Cup

Fresh Chopped Basil                        ½ -1 Cup

Chicken Breast – Optional


Garlic, crushed, grated, or pressed          2 cloves

Extra-virgin olive oil                        1/4 cup

Freshly squeezed lemon juice       1/4 cup (1 to 2 lemons)

Sea salt 1 pinch

Freshly ground black pepper         1/4 teaspoon


  • Cook Quinoa following directions on package then cool in fridge
  • Combine garlic, oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper for dressing in small bowl. Whisk together & set aside.
  • Place chopped Cucumbers, Tomato’s & Peppers
  • Add thinly slice red onion, Oregano, olives & Quinoa
  • Add crumbled Feta, & chopped Basil
  • Stir in Dressing as desired.