I hear so many people “predict” their weight gain before the holidays even begin. Gaining weight over the holiday is not a given.  It is possible to eat what you want and not gain weight. Try a new approach. This article offers 7 great tips to help you maintain your weight and your health. In keeping with tip # 7 in this article, set your mind on eating healthy foods that fuel your body 80% of the time. Enjoy your Christmas treats but savour and enjoy a small amount of your favourites.

Is holiday weight gain traditional for you? With all the seasonal pressure, holiday food temptation may seem just too hard to fight.

So every year you give in and pretend you’ll lose those extra pounds after the holidays are over.

But studies show the average 2 to 7 lbs. of holiday weight gain are rarely lost. Maybe it’s time to learn how to avoid holiday weight gain from the get go. The 7 steps below can help you have a happier, healthy holiday.