I came accross this interesting article about how hiking can change our brains!  More and more studies are coming out that suggest or prove how hiking lowers our risk of heart attack, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increases bone density because it is a weight bearing activity. Hiking in nature builds muscle mass, core strength and stability and has a positive impact on reducing anxiety, stress and depression. Now Dr.’s are saying that hiking in nature can reduce obsessive, negative thoughts, boosts creative problem solving and brain power and can help kids with ADHD.  I can speak from personal experience. When I was struggling from anxiety 24/7, the only thing that had an effect on the intensity was being in nature, walking, sitting, running. It doesn’t really matter except that I was there : )

Living in the Cowichan Valley with so many amazing trails offers many options, for all fitness levels to enjoy hiking trails and the fantastic scenery along the way. We always have room for more in our Hike n Tone classes. Give us a call : )

Doctors Tell Us How Hiking Can Change Our Brains