Good news to report! Most of you know Diane--she has been a Forever Fit member since 2013.


Here's the update!

As many of you also know, she has been undergoing chemo treatments for an aggressive version of Non Hodgkin's follicular lymphoma.  Non Hodgkin cancer is not curable but it is treatable. She will be living with this type of cancer for the rest of her life. But in February of this year she was diagnosed  with an aggressive form of cancer called diffused large B cell lymphoma in her thyroid. Not only did she endure 6 rounds of chemo, she also lost her voice and her hair. All through this process she continued to attend most of her classes. Recently she had a PET scan and was told ... all signs of aggressive cancer are in remission! Yeah!!!  So exciting : ) No More Treatment Needed!!!

"Throughout my treatment with my family and friends as my support team that included Nancy and members in the classes I took,  kept me positive and pushed me through treatment and kept me exercising.  Thank you for keeping me going through the tough days! My voice is slowly coming back and I am getting stronger each day!", Diane Bertsch