Check out this great Thomas Myers video on how fascia holds our whole body together in a net!  Yup, a net of fascia.

This is Thomas Myers. He does a great job of helping us understand what fascia is, how it supports our body, and why we should care. Fascia holds our entire body together and is involved in every movement we make. Reaching for the cup on the top cupboard, bending down to pick up the cat, taking off your shoes, it’s ALL connected with fascia and other connective tissues. That’s why, when our body is dehydrated, we feel pain. The connective tissue is dried up and has little or no mobility. It has the tension of dried meat or leather, therefore when we move, we may feel pain.

The MELT method uses the small balls and foam roller to help draw hydration into our fascia. The fascia and the rest of the connective tissue then has more tensibility and therefore gives us more range of motion and ability to move without pain. This is why we MELT.

Thomas Myers has written many books including Anatomy Trains. He also has many online articles, webinars and YouTube videos such as the one below. Informative and well worth listening to!

Fascia, Thomas Meyers