Strength and Stability is good to the core : ) Forever Fit, Duncan, B.C.When are Strength and Stability Sessions?

Come to strength and stability sessions on Thursdays at 9 a.m. Call Nancy on 250-510-0595 to register.

Who should attend Strength and Stability?

  • All those who want to have fun while improving their strength, stability, flexibility, balance and posture
  • From a variety of fitness levels
  • Male or female participants
  • Those who want to increase, preserve or restore their quality of life
  • May need a doctor’s permission or prescription to exercise

What Is the focus of Strength and Stability sessions?

Strength and Stability for who wants to increase balance, stability, mobility and range of motion:

Melt Method techniques will rehydrate your connective tissue, to improve range of movement, decrease pain and restore strength.

Somatic movements will allow you to take back the ability to release muscles and muscle patterns in order to improve daily activities, improve the quality of movement patterns and create a sense of awareness to allow you to make changes to improve your quality of life.

Why is Strength and Stability important?

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, evidence is growing concerning the benefits of exercise in reducing the risk of falls and related injuries. Studies confirm that exercise can improve balance, mobility and response time to moving objects and instability. Exercise can increase bone mineral density in postmenopausal women and in people aged 70 and over.

The Rand Report concluded exercise interventions reduced the risk of falls by 15% and the number of actual falls by 22%. This would include cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and balance. A combined strength and endurance training program, three times a week for six months, reduced the risk of falling by nearly half, when compared with either strength or endurance training alone.

Counter age-related memory decline, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke by improving lung function that feeds oxygen to the brain. Learning new skills and sequences also helps build new brain cells.

Cost of sessions?

$144 for 12 weeks/sessions

Email Nancy to register!

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