The Step 'n' Strength class is a fun way to get your cardio and strength training.  Intervals of cardio and resistance activities build muscle and burn fat. 

Step-n-Strength involves moving up and down the step as well as laterally, targeting your lower body muscle groups when ascending and descending the step.  You could burn as many as 790 calories an hour! Interval training is far superior to long steady cardio training as it will stoke up your fat burning furnace allowing you to continue to get results even while you are sleeping.  Improve muscular endurance with like-minded people : ) 

Here's what Karleen said about her first class... "You were right! It's addicting!!! :)"


  • Mondays: 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

What is Step-n-Strength?

  • Intervals of strength activities using steps, dumbbells, bands, weighted balls, cables...
  • Intervals of cardio using the step
  • An opportunity to strengthen at your own fitness level
  • Fun, social setting

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is able to start a graded exercise program
  • Those who want to train all parts of their body in a variety of ways
  • People looking for a smaller group/instructor ratio
  • Those who are looking for some fun & variety in their training program

How much?

  • $144 ( + tax) for 12 weeks   Email Nancy to register!

Where is Step-n-Strength?  

What to Bring?

  • Water, a mat if you want to use your own ( I have extra), forms for your 1st class and again every September and April

Email Nancy at or call Nancy at 250-510-0595

Step n Strength at Forever Fit we find fun ways to get fit. Burn more body fat using the step than running. Forever Fit, Duncan, BC
Step n Strength is one of the best ways to burn calories and increase muscle tone. More muscle used, more cardio and more benefits. Forever Fit, Duncan, BC.
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