Hike 'n' Tone - Moderate Level is a fun way to get fit with like-minded people.  This is a moderate version of the original Hike 'n' Tone so we choose our trails to suit your level. 

Holt Creek Trail is a great place to hike with opportunities for building muscle tone along the way. Forever Fit, Duncan, B.C.


Thursdays 5:15pm - 6:15pm
May – October

What do you get?

  • A different hiking experience every week.
  • Hike amazing trails using the natural landscape as your outdoor gym.
  • Push ups, sit ups and lunges…oh my! Stop by the river for some abdominal work using the weights nature gave us : )
  • Meet like-minded people. Exercising with friends increases the likelihood you will stick to your fitness program.
  • Build muscle. The uneven ground—with roots, pebbles, and obstacles to manoever— challenges our muscles, including the core, making this a much more beneficial workout than a treadmill.
  • Burn body fat. Varied levels of incline and cardio and strength intervals make this workout a metabolic party!
  • Improve agility maneuvering roots and the uneven floor of the trails.
  • Spend time outdoors. Fresh air, plants and other outdoor elements have a profound, positive effect on both our physical and mental well-being, including a dose of vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis and some forms of cancer and heart disease (Mackarey 2010).

Who should attend?

Men and women looking to challenge their body, increase muscle tone, meet like minded people and enjoy nature's gifts. There is a lot of room to modify this workout to accommodate many levels of fitness. Call me if you are wondering if this is the right class for you. 250-510-0595 🙂


We hike a variety of amazing trails in the Cowichan Valley.
Starting the season with moderate hikes and building the intensity each week with more challenging inclines and speeds.

What to bring?

Water, backpack/bum pack, small snack, cellphone (if you have one), whistle, workout gloves for hands on wet/uncomfortable ground & Forms under classes.