Why Join Ball Blast? Its fun, always something new with great people who have common goals. You will burn calories, blast body fat and build muscle tone 🙂

What is Ball Blast? Ball Blast is a fun class using a variety of Balls to get a good cardio workout while getting a great full body strength program. We use the bosu balls, medicine balls, stability balls, pilate balls and trigger point balls to build strength and release tight muscle issues. The music is fun, upbeat, motivating. And there is always a good belly laugh : ) This will be a fun way to burn calories and rev up your metabolism using a variety of balls to get fit. Every class will be just a little different, keeping things interesting and fun : ) All levels of fitness can be accommodated in this class. You are in charge of the intensity of this workout.

Who should join? While this is a slightly more advanced class, all activities can be modified. There is no need to jump if it that’s not right for you. I will give you lots of cues to adapt each activity. Take it to the level that works for you. “Start where you’re at and build on that.”

Where is it held? This class is in the Forever Fit studio at 5837 Brier Ave, Duncan, B.C. It is a light, bright space with very warm people : )

When? Every Wednesday at 5:15pm

Having Fun ... Getting Fit! Ball Blast a Cardio and Core workout. Diane is workn' those abs and thighs and still smiling : ) Forever Fit, Cowichan Valley, BC.