Join the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge 2016!!!

September is Sugar Free Month at Forever Fit. Can you challenge yourself for 30 days to go without processed sugar? I think you can : ) I challenge you to go 30 days with absolutely no added or processed sugar!   Sugar has been well researched and noted as a major health concern.  Kick the habit so you will feel better and live better. I will also be participating so if you have any suggestions/strategies to share, please share them with me or on the Foreverfit facbook page. Here are my guidelines:

  1. No processed sugar in the ingriedient list of packaged food. This includes the alternate names for sugar listed.
  2. Honey & Maple Syrup in moderation. Challenge yourself to be better than you are, not better than anyone else. Less is better.
  3. Stevia and Xylotol is ok in moderation. They are still feeding into your desire for sweet but... they have no impact on your blood sugars and therefor, no impact on your body.
  4. No added artificial Sweeteners such at aspertame, sacarine, splenda.
  5. If you slip, don't beat yourself up, get back on the horse and finish the challenge. Be proud of your efforts and move forward.
  6. Dried fruit, read the label. If there is no added sugar in the ingredients label, enjoy in moderation. Raisins, along with a handful of walnut halves or almonds, are a great balanced mid-morning snack.
  7. Naturally occurring sugar, you will find naturally occuring sugar in fruit, yogurt, milk. These are fine but keep the really sweet fruit to a mimimum. That would be your tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, watermelon ...
Alternate names of sugar

To support your efforts, drink more water & eat more fruit.

I am including a special desert recipe in my recipe section called Nice Cream. It is only fruit and you can change the flavor with any other fruit or cocoa powder : )