Holiday Fitness Challenge!

How is your fitness challenge going? The challenge started November 21 but you can start anytime. Don't let the "30 Days" stop you from starting. Start now!  Get 30/35 days of at least 20min. fitness per day.

When you get busy, what is the first thing that you take out of your day? Fitness???? This is a time when we need it most. Fitness helps to keep our stress at bay and helps to balance out the extra calories we "may" consume 🙂  Maybe you don't have time for a 1 hour run, walk, swim, weight training.... so go for 20 minutes. We can all find 20 minutes to move. I have never heard anyone say to me, "I feel worse after my workout."  We are all busy and yet, some of us still make time to fit in a little time for our health. Don't wait until January to "start." Sometimes we have to get a little more creative. Here's the challenge... 30 days of fitness--20 minutes ... or more. This 30 day challenge started November 21 - December 24. but you can start anytime. Keep going until the holiday season is over.  You can track on your own or in the studio. I'll put up a chart on the bulletin board. Give yourself 5 days to be too tired, too busy or ... forget :)))


Here are 10 strategies to keep you moving:

  1. Take your aunty with you on your walk.
  2. Meet your husband at the mall, you walk and he drives.
  3. Do a lap around the mall before you stop at stores.
  4. Take the kids to the playground and "play" with them... play tag, follow the leader.
  5. Walk to the store for that milk or brick of butter you forgot.
  6. Go for a walk on your lunch hour.
  7. Crank up the party music and clean the house for 20 min. non stop. Go up and down the stairs, just keep moving.
  8. Suggest a walk after dinner, your guests might grumble but they will thank you afterwards 🙂
  9. Dance for 20 minutes non stop to some great music!
  10. Do it first thing in the morning so it's over. You will NEVER get to the bottom of your list.