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Having Fun... Getting Fit! That's Nancy's goal for you at Forever Fit.

Fitness Training with Nancy McNeil at Forever Fit means finding activities that you enjoy to help you meet your goals. You don't have to be an athlete to get, or be, fit. Nancy will help you find a workout that fits in with your goals and fitness abilities.

  • Step it up at Step Explosion classes
  • Hike a trail with some new friends
  • Or.... Stretch and Tone in a moderate level class
  • If you want more attention try one on one Personal Training
  • There are lots of options available, just click on the Fitness tab in the bar above.

Fitness Training Goals

Nancy will build you an inspiring fitness program that is in line with your personal goals so that it fits your lifestyle and will optimize your ability to succeed.  Not everyone wants to run a marathon! Heck, many people don't want to run at all. Let's build you a program so that you can do the things you want to do and get fit the way that works for you!

Getting fit can actually be fun. Really!! You just have to figure out what you enjoy doing and find a way to get fit doing it. That's the beauty of "personal training."  It's personal 🙂 If you love to be outside, let's build your program out there. If you need the social aspect to motivate you, let's find you a workout partner or a group fitness class. There are so many options.

You won't need much in the way of equipment. Do your fitness program with as little as a wall and your own bodyweight.

Let's get started!

Certified fitness instructor Nancy McNeil remains committed to ongoing education in order to bring you a safe and effective fitness program. Contact me at Forever Fit, Duncan, BC. See contact info above.