What is Woman2Warrior and who is it for?

The Woman2Warrior course is non timed and covers 5 km of trails, track, and grass. It will incorporate obstacles (challenges) to test your strength, agility, balance and sense of adventure.

Victoria – August 27th – West Shore Parks and Recreation

Option 1

As a warrior we will need to be prepared to lift, climb, crawl, jump, run/walk, and possibly get a little wet and dirty. No problem, we’ve trained all year for this right? Minus the wet part but I could start spraying you with the cleaning solution :)))

In an effort to keep us all happy, The organizers have arranged for plenty of volunteers to be available on the course to provide support, encouragement, and assistance if needed. There are volunteers at every station.

Warriors remember, this is an obstacle challenge, and I always encourage you to get outside your comfort zone, but if you’re just not up for an obstacle, skip it… We’re not going to tell!

Option 2

If you do not feel prepared enough to take on this challenge… this year, please consider joining us to cheer us on and enjoy the festivities.

Option 3

Consider donating to support Forever Fits efforts to raise money for these special needs kid to go to the Easter Seals Camp in Shawnigan. These are our local kids who would not otherwise be able to go to summer camp.

Check out this video and see why we need to raise this money. Woman2Warrior 2017 is going to be an event to remember.  We have trained all year for this.Let’s have fun getting those kids to camp! Join the Forever Fit Warriors’ Team!


This year, Woman2Warrior in Victoria introduced new registration options! For those who may be a little too busy to fundraise, you can enter with a one time registration fee of $99 to become a ‘Warrior’; for those who still would like to fundraise, you just pay a low reg fee of $49 and fundraise a minimum of $200.  This may sound like a lot of money at first but if you know a local business, ask them if they would be willing to donate part of or the entire $200. Maybe you know two businesses. Start now so when it comes time to register, there is no panic, no problem 🙂

Here’s how to register for our Team; Forever Fit Warriors

  • I think you could register for women2warrior right up until the date but there is a early bird rate.
  • Just follow this link to the Woman2Warrior website; scroll down to, select a city, then “join a team”, click on warrior- team member, continue, Team name “Forever fit warriors”, search, “join”.


Donate here to the Forever Fit Warriors

More Questions??? Click here for more info. 
Contact Nancy at Forever Fit, if you want to Have Fun Getting Fit. Having fun is what it's all about : ) Forever Fit. Duncan, B.C