Why join Stretch and Strength Training?

  • To join a great group of women building strength to support much needed muscle mass for bone density, strength, balance & metabolic boosting. Plenty of attention is paid to stretching/releasing tight, overused muscles. Come for core-infused activities, small group instruction, individualized attention and a few good laughs. : ) Message or call me to register.

What is Stretch and Strength Training?

  • Each week we will target either upper or lower muscle groups while developing better posture and technique to maximize the benefits and reduce injury.  Each class will incorporate a complete body stretch to give you maximum range of motion, mobility and muscle balance. You’ll leave the studio feeling taller, stronger and more flexible.

Who should join Stretch and Strength Training?

  • All fitness levels can participate in this class. Forever Fit is a small neighbourhood studio with room for only 8 participants which means more instructor time per member. Everyone works at their own level, following the level 1, 2, 3 instructions.

When does Stretch and Strength Training happen?

  • Thursdays  9am-10am

Where are classes held?

  • Forever Fit Neighbourhood Studio

5837 Brier Ave. Duncan