Core Fusion is a series of release techniques, stretches, posture and core activities to strengthen your whole body while focussing on stronger core, more balance and body awareness. Reduce back, hip and neck pain by releasing the tight muscles, while strengthening your core muscles and creating new muscle patterns. Improve your posture and balance for all the activities you love ... or have to do : )

 Roll Back 2 Core Fusion builds core and works every part of your body. Forever Fit, Duncan, B.C.
Core Fusion will increase your body awareness to help you mobilize your joints, become more flexible, create better posture, improve your balance increase your core strength and grow : ) Actually, you won't grow but you will likely be taller if you are consistant with your practice .  All of this will help decrease pain in your back, knee , shoulder, neck....
What you can expect
  • Somatic releases for more-relaxed muscles
  • Foam rolling to help release the myo fascia for greater range of motion
  • Spinal mobility movements to increase range of motion in your joints
  • Core strengthening for better balance, more strength
  • Stretching for more agility, strength, range of motion
  • Better balance

Who? '

Anyone can do this class. As long as you can get up and down on the floor you will benefit from this class.  Great for people who have tight muscles, weak core, back pain, limited balance.


Wednesdays, 9am

Forever Fit Studio; 5837 Brier Ave. Duncan

Cost: 12 week session  $144. (plus tax)

What to Bring
Water, a mat if you want to use your own but I have some to use.

Registration and Health forms on my website under Fitness,  for your 1st class.

Email Nancy at or call 250.510.0595 for more information.