30 Day Fitness Challenge

Holiday Fitness Challenge! How is your fitness challenge going? The challenge started November 21 but you can start anytime. Don’t let the “30 Days” stop you from starting. Start now!  Get 30/35 days of at least 20min. fitness per day. When you get busy, what is the first thing that you take out of your…

The Woman2Warrior event was so much fun! So proud of these ladies! Lots of laughs, teamwork and challenges. Can't wait to do it again next year! Forever Fit, Cowichan Valley

Woman2Warrior Event

The Woman2Warrior was an amazing event!  … We are the Forever Fit Neon Warriors! What a blast!  I would like to encourage all of you women to join us next year. You can do this!    A huge shout out to Forever Fit’s, Woman2Warrior team. Thank you Neon Warriors, Pam, Donna, Rosalie, and Lori for an amzing day…

Hike n Tone, moderate group. Cowichan River Park, Cowichan Valley, BC,

Hiking Can Change Our Brains!

I came accross this interesting article about how hiking can change our brains!  More and more studies are coming out that suggest or prove how hiking lowers our risk of heart attack, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increases bone density because it is a weight bearing activity.